Farm House Design

Elegant Farmhouse Design Services!


A beautiful farmhouse brings the pleasant and relaxing feelings for spending holidays and enjoying your time. Now a days modern farmhouse designs are trending, people love to stay at farm houses with families moreover for the commercial use as well. Due to their growing trend, farmsteads are now more common in and outside the city boundaries.

Also small guesthouses or townhouses of 4 marla, 5 marla, 8 and 10 marla are popular in urban areas of Pakistan to have different lifestyle in hustling areas. Some housing societies offer large farm-houses of 1 – 5  kanal, that are being used for commercial or living purpose. The architecture design is crucial for managing space, ventilation, water, farming, parking e.t.c. and specially when we talk about villa for business and investment, they must be drafted efficiently and precisely.



Lets Design Your Modern Farmhouse!

Are you looking to build a farmhouse in Islamabad and need a 3d drawing for the architecture or are you struggling to find the farmhouse design of the picture you have in your mind?

Both traditional and modern Pakistani farmhouse plans typically include one or two stories of living space, a large porch, a kitchen and a wide-shaped roof.

Our expert team of architects will shape best low cost design to meet the demand for beautifully designed and functional modern farmhouses. We are delighted to bring you modernized collection and have many more on the way.

If you have any questions about design of your farmhouse or made up your mind to develop one, feel free to reach our team!

Planning & Ideas

Planning your farmhouse strcuture as per user ideas, our past experience and creativty.

Analysis & Designing

Mapping out your complete design structure with relaibility and project scope.


Proceeding the the design according to planned schedule and equity of design execution.

Visualization & Analysis

We will analyse your project from start to end of costruction and anover the keys to at the end.


Below are some of the highlights of our farmhouse designing projects rendered by team Alef47.