Commercial Design

Credible Commercial Architecture Design Services!


A commercial building or plaza can be utilized for different purposes from shops, offices, shopping marts to medical centers. Good architecture imprints in our minds, it really make an impact on employees or inspire your clients. Making a unique building architecture with appealing elements to grab the attention of customers has a major impact on business. From bended corners, delighting color schemes and attractive lights to themed, wood or modern handi crafting, front elevation design undoubtedly takes into account .

Commercial plaza designs must work on the ground and hardly an architecture project starts with clear sheet of paper. Pre-conditions of plaza designs are difficult to handle in the initial stage of project.

Any commercial building architect must deem and study their client’s vision and requirements. Good building design planning, creative design, space adjustment, skilled work, and accurate implementation are the crucial elements for a reliable commercial building design.



Masters Of 3D Building Model Design!

With years of experience in architecture design, we understand the modern commercial plaza designs and build process better than most. If you need a trusted commercial designers and main contractor to work with you on a design and build construction project, feel free to reach us

Our building designs meet the specific needs of our commercial, corporate and educational clients but never just tick all the boxes. Our architects design future forward spaces and facilities that connect with the environment and inspire their clients. If are curious or worried about your project, Alef47 is here to make you unworried. Our 3D buildings models are the most influential ans substantiated level of work. Fell free to reach out for consultation!

Choose Alef For premier Plaza Design!

Our expert team of commercial architects and senior designers have a wealth of experience in the commercial sector, working on large towers, warehousing, offices and more general structures like parks and stadiums, all of which have been successful models idea for their provision.

The main goal of the team Alef47 while working on commercial design projects is to render an effective, efficient, intuitively designed building that is set to maximize the efficiency of your business both now and in future.


Grey Structure

Taking complete review and of your project design and possible opportunities.

Planing & Development

Our team will analyse indepth your project requirements, preferrences & business goals.

Space Management

Our architects will do deep survey to space management and opportunities for space saving ideas.


We use innovative and immersive 3D design technology to bring your schemes to the life.


Below are some of the highlights of our commercial designed projects rendered by team Alef47.